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Louvered Shed Molded Shutters - Multiple Colors

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Louvered Shed Molded Shutters - Multiple Colors
Louvered Shed Molded Shutters
white, black, maroon, cream, almond, clay, grey, green, blue, cedar, wood, brown
SKU: Louvered Type Molded Shutters-Multiple Color Options
  • Shutter Size 9"x36".
  • 9x27" shutters may be ordered by phone. Please call us at (855)957-4337
  • Use with 2'x3' or 3'x3' windows.
  • Solid Mold Color, Not Painted, Color Fast - Color Will Not fade or Chip, UV Protected, Lifetime Guarantee from manufacturer. 
  • Comes With Color Screws to Blend in
  • Color matching Flower Boxes are Available. 


Colors: White, Black, Maroon, Cream, Almond, Terra Clay, Grey, Forest Green, Bedford Blue, Slate Blue, Pacific Blue, Cedar, Weather Wood, Redwood, and Dark Brown (Some colors may take longer to ship-Please call for details).

Quanity: 2 (1 Pair)

FREE Shipping and Salex Tax Included. 

Price: $39.95