Hurricane Ties - 16"

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Hurricane Ties - 16 inch
Hurricane Straps
Hurricane Strap sketch
SKU: Hurricane Ties - 16 in.

These sturdy Hurricane Ties can resist winds up to 140 mph! They are 16 inches in length. They can be used for your home, shed, other outdoor building or deck. Order yours today!


  • Designed to provide a connection between trusses/rafters and the top plate of the wall to resist high-wind/seismic forces
  • Also suitable for connecting 2X deck joists on top of a perpendicular beam
  • Install in pairs on either side of the rafter/truss/joist to provide resistance to uplift and lateral forces
  • Made from 16 gauge steel
  • Galvanized for extra corrosion resistance

Sold in boxes of 10, 20 or 50. Looking for a certain number? No problem! You can call or email us to place a special order. Our contact information is listed to the right.


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